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Boost Your Immunity with IV Therapy in Vancouver, WA - Okojie Wellness

IV Places Near Me Vancouver Washington - Okojie Wellness

Okojie Wellness - IV Infusion Therapy Vancouver Washington is the premier provider of a variety of IV drip therapies like Tri Immune Boost, Myers Cocktails, NAD+ Energy boost, Inflammation relief, Vitamin C, and more.

Immune System Support

  • $99 Tri Immune Boost to strengthen the immune system with vitamin C, zinc, and glutathione

  • Vitamin C/Immune Boost infused with high doses of vitamin C to protect against infection

Energy and Cognition

  • Longevity NAD+ for increased mental cognition and energy boost

  • Myers Cocktail, a premix of essential vitamins and nutrients for overall wellness

Recovery and Relief

  • Recovery drip to improve overall wellness after physical exertion

  • PMS Relief to reduce discomfort during menstrual cycles

  • Get Up & Go to rehydrate and decrease fatigue

Anti-Aging and Beauty

  • Inner Beauty/Glutathione drips described as the "mother of all antioxidants" to give skin a youthful glow


IV Drip therapy allows for 100% bioavailability of fluids into the bloodstream to help improve nutrient deficiencies, boost the immune system, increase energy levels, optimize hydration and overall health.

Our IV infusion staff is comprised of registered nurses, experienced in IV therapy with backgrounds in emergency rooms, operating rooms, and ICUs.

In 60 minutes or less, your body will absorb vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

We offer customized vitamin infusion plans created by Dr. Okojie, a licensed physician, to target specific needs like boosting energy, enhancing immunity, promoting healthy skin/hair, and supporting weight management. Our clinic at 4610 NE 77th Ave Suite 137 in Vancouver Washington provides a comfortable environment for these personalized IV therapy sessions.

To get started with our premier IV drip therapies and customized vitamin infusion plans, you can call Dr. Okojie directly at 360-287-4402.


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