IV Therapy

IV therapy allows for 100% bioavailability of fluids into the bloodstream. It can be used to improve nutrient deficiencies, boost the immune system, increase energy levels, and optimize hydration.

Okojie Wellness IV Treatments range from $125 to $300 with customizable add on starting at $25 each.

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Soul Glow

Hydrate the skin with electrolytes and Vitamin C to make your skin shine.



Immune Boost

Fluid infused with Vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system and fight infections.


Super Immune Boost

High dose of Vitamin C to give the body even more protection against infection.
(Additional blood test is required before this IV)


Get Up and Go

Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and electrolytes to give you energy or to recharge you after a hard week.


Magic Bullet

Methylene Blue drip that improves energy focus and has been used in the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease.


Longevity Drip

DNA repair, cell regeneration, energy production, increase anti-aging compounds.
(May take up to 4 hours)