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IV Hydration: The Key to Hangover Relief Portland Oregon

Updated: Feb 1

Hangover Relief 'Tri Immune Boost' IV drip, packed with Vitamin C, Zinc, and Glutathione, for only $99! With our IV hydration, you may potentially experience: Reduction in inflammation. Improvement in cognitive function. Immune system enhancement. Accelerated recovery from illness. For hangover relief, look no further than Okojie Wellness. We can provide the necessary IV hydration therapy to replenish your body's fluid and electrolyte levels, helping you recover swiftly. 360-287-4402

Revitalize with Replenish IV Drip: Your Hangover Solution at Okojie Wellness

Feeling groggy, dehydrated, and generally miserable after a night of overindulgence? Don't let a hangover ruin your day. At Okojie Wellness - IV Infusion Therapy Vancouver Washington, we provide a unique hangover solution tailored to bring you back to life: The Replenish IV Drip.

What's in the Replenish IV Drip?

For just $200, our hangover IV drip therapy is a mix of:

  • Hydrating fluids - 1000ML

  • Essential electrolytes

  • Vital vitamins and antioxidants

  • Medications specifically aimed to curb nausea and headache

Top 5 Benefits of the Replenish IV Drip

  1. Swift Rehydration: Alcohol drains your body's fluids. Replenish IV Drip efficiently restores the lost hydration.

  2. Counteract Inflammation: Combat the body inflammation caused by alcohol with our specialized IV formula.

  3. Alleviate Common Symptoms: Say goodbye to nausea and that pounding headache – two primary hangover culprits.

  4. Re-energize with Essential Vitamins: Recharge and rejuvenate as our treatment restores vitamins that alcohol might have leached.

  5. Fight Fatigue: Feel refreshed and alert, pushing aside the typical hangover lethargy.

Is It Suitable for Everyone?

The Replenish IV Drip is designed with utmost safety and efficacy in mind. However, we prioritize your well-being. Please consult with your healthcare provider or get in touch with Dr. Okojie at 360-287-4402 to ensure this treatment aligns with your health needs.

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Visit Us At:

Okojie Wellness - IV Infusion Therapy Vancouver Washington Address: 4610 NE 77th Ave Suite 137, Vancouver, WA 98662


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