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Stem Cell IV Therapy

Stem Cell IV Therapy in Portland Oregon, Vancouver Washington and Chandler Arizona.


Rejuvenate your body with stem cell and exosome IV therapy.

Our IV therapies are clinically proven to reduce inflammation, relieve chronic pain, and support tissue and cell regeneration.

Available in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, and Chandler, Arizona.

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Stem Cell IV Therapy

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of Stem Cell and Exosome IV Therapy to decrease inflammation, reduce chronic pain and support tissue & cell regeneration.

Our Stem Cell IV treatment can help a wide range of age-related conditions, such as pain, inflammation, and cognitive functions.

Stem Cells are immature cells which are able to replenish and differentiate into a wide range of specialized cells in order to replace damaged cells and regenerate tissue.

Our Stem Cells treatments include approximately 30 million Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s). They have anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties and are able to hone in to sites of injury and recruit local cells to participate in repair.


  • 25 Million Cells – $4,999

  • 50 Million Cells – $8,999


Exosome IV Therapy

Our Exosome IV treatment can help with tissue repair, anti-inflammation, and anti-aging.


Exosome therapy is a cell-free regenerative treatment which rapidly stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanism, promoting faster healing and recovery and local tissue repair.

Our Exosome treatments include approximately 15 billion exosomes derived from carefully vetted MSC stem cells that are retired after a single extraction, offering a high level of purity and quality.


  • 15 Billion Cells – $2,499

  • 50 Billion Cells – $3,499

  • 100 Billion Cells – $4,499



How it Works

Physician Consultation



Schedule a medical consultation.  

Health Assessment

One of our licensed clinicians performs a health assessment.

In-Home IV Treatment

We administer the IV treatment in your home, which lasts about 60 mins.


Benefits & Uses



Reduces inflammation throughout the body to help heal cellular damage caused by age, illness, and disease.




Supports healthy metabolic function to help you lose weight, build healthy muscle tone, and increase energy levels.




Supports a healthy brain as well as reverses neurological damage for improved cognitive function and mental clarity.




Helps manage and relieve chronic pain by reducing inflammation and promoting cellular healing throughout the body.




Helps your body reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue and cells, promoting healthy cell regeneration.




Provides your cells the resources they need to help keep your immune system strong and improve recovery time.



Book Stem Cell or Exosome IV Therapy

Are you ready to feel better?

Stem cell or exosome IV therapy can help you achieve your health goals. These treatments are safe and effective, and they can help you with a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and age-related decline.

Book your FREE consultation today!

Dr. Okojie will discuss your health goals and determine if stem cell or exosome IV therapy is right for you. He will also answer any questions you have about the treatment.

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