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IV Hydration Chandler Arizona

We are currently offering a IV special where you can get one of our most popular IV treatments is our Tri-Immune Boost IV drip, which is currently available for just $99. This treatment includes three key ingredients:


Vitamin C.


IV infusion therapy is a popular and effective way to improve overall health and wellness. At Okojie Wellness in Chandler Arizona, we offer a variety of IV treatments that can help cure hangovers, boost immunity, promote weight loss, and detoxify your body.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that is naturally produced in the body. It is known for its ability to detoxify the liver, improve skin health, and boost immunity.

Vitamin C is another important ingredient in our Tri-Immune Boost IV drip. It is a powerful antioxidant that can help boost the immune system and protect the body from infection. Vitamin C is also essential for the production of collagen, which is important for maintaining healthy skin, bones, and blood vessels.

Zinc is a mineral that plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy immune system. It helps to activate T-cells, which are a type of white blood cell that helps to fight off infections. Zinc is also important for the health of skin, and is known to be beneficial in wound healing.

Our IV infusion staff is comprised of registered nurses who are experienced in IV therapy. They will work with you to determine the best IV treatment for your specific needs and goals.

In addition to the Tri-Immune Boost IV drip, we also offer a wide range of other IV treatments to choose from. For example, our hangover relief treatment includes a blend of vitamins and minerals to help alleviate symptoms such as headache, nausea, and fatigue. Our electrolyte supplement treatment is designed to replenish electrolytes lost during intense physical activity, and our antioxidant/detox treatment is designed to flush out toxins and improve overall health.

At Okojie Wellness, we understand that everyone's needs are different and that's why we take a customized approach to our IV infusion therapy. Our team of registered nurses are ready to answer any questions you might have, and are available to work with you to determine the best treatment options for your specific needs.

Whether you're looking to boost your immunity, alleviate symptoms of a hangover, or simply improve your overall health, Okojie Wellness has an IV treatment that can help. Don't hesitate to reach out to our Chandler Arizona location at 480-744-1505 to schedule your appointment today, and take the first step towards achieving optimal health and wellness.

We offer a great opportunity to get the care that you need without breaking the bank, and Our professional and experienced team of nurses is dedicated to providing you with the best possible care. We strive to make IV infusion therapy accessible and affordable for everyone, and are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness. Book your IV infusion therapy session today and see the results for yourself!


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