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Find IV Drip Therapy Clinics Near You in Vancouver Washington

Find IV Drip Therapy Clinics Near You in Vancouver Washington -Okojie Wellness - IV Infusion Therapy Vancouver Washington

In search of a reliable IV drip therapy clinic in Vancouver, Washington? Okojie Wellness is your destination, mastering the art of IV infusion therapy. We tailor our treatments to fortify immunity, invigorate energy, and address specific health challenges.

Boost Your Immunity NOW! Experience the power of our Tri-immune & Immune Complex IVs. Infused with Vitamin C, zinc, and glutathione, it's your best bet against the cold & flu season. Inquire today!

🌟 Here Are Just A Few Of Our IV Treatments:

  1. Myers Cocktail: Crafted for holistic wellness.

  2. Immune Boost: Strengthen your body's innate defenses.

  3. NAD+ Therapy: Reenergize and restore cellular vitality.

  4. Glutathione IV Drip: Experience an antioxidant surge.

  5. Vitamin C IV Therapy: Invigorate immunity and refresh your skin.

  6. PMS IV Therapy Relief: Mitigate PMS symptoms like stress and dehydration. Opt for a magnesium IV push to alleviate migraines or intense headaches.

  7. The Mind at Ease IV Drip: A blend of Amino Acids, Magnesium, Taurine, Glycine, and B Complex; crafted to relax the muscles and calm the mind. Ideal for stress relief and promoting sound sleep.

📍 Get in Touch:

  • Address: 4610 NE 77th Ave Suite 137, Vancouver, WA 98662

  • Phone: 360-287-4402

  • Online: Schedule your IV treatment

📌 Note: Many insurance plans might not cater to IV drip therapy. It's recommended to check with your provider first.


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