Comprehensive Hormone &
Testosterone Replacement Therapy


About Ose Okojie ND

Dr. Okojie has spent several years learning and working with HRT to help improve the lives of his patients. Okojie Wellness has developed a unique and holistic way of prescribing not only testosterone but other vital hormones as well.  Testosterone is a powerful hormone that when properly managed can provide tremendous benefit. It is our job to ensure that you receive not only individualized care but excellent customer service. After treating several hundred patients we are confident that you have come to the right place. Whether you are interested in testosterone, anti-aging, or just hormones in general.


How Can We Help You?

trt testosterone replacement therapy vancouver wa

TRT - Testosterone 
Replacement Therapy

hormone replacement therapy hrt

HRT - Hormone
Replacement Therapy 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Vancouver wa

ED - Erectile

Peptide Therapy Vancouver WA




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