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When we look at the human body, we see a microcosm of the universe. There is complexity, simplicity, and unknown.


 Dr. Okojie uses diet and lifestyle interventions to help achieve optimal health and wellness. In addition, he specializes in customized cleanses and fasts which allows the body to truly heal itself.


It is his job as a physician to help create a healthy foundation so that you can feel your best and live life to its fullest. 

Dr. Okojie

Before earning his medical degree Dr. Okojie spent several years as a personal trainer and certified yoga instructor. His passion for fitness and teaching has allowed him to have a featured segment on KPTV news. While earning his personal training certification he adopted a vegan lifestyle. His practice is focused on the principles of movement and food as medicine. His goal is to help patients to achieve optimal wellness through prevention and treatment. In his free time, Dr. Okojie enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, coaching group exercise classes and being upside down.




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