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Podcast - Portion Control

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Quick tip on portion control

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Episode: Portion Control

The following is a transcript from Dr Okojie’s Movement is Medicine podcast. Book your appointment with Doctor O today.

Hello, and welcome to another audio blog from Okojie Wellness. I'm Doctor O. Today, I wanted to speak briefly about disease. And a tip that I've been telling a lot of my patients to help with that.

So I think many of us are familiar with hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome. All these preventable diseases that are plaguing either ourselves personally, or our loved ones. And of course, a huge component of these preventable diseases is nutrition. But I think a subset of nutrition is portion control. So I've devised a little tip that you can implement in your own life to help with portion control and help you to become more of a conscious eater and recognize some of your food triggers.

The next time you go out to eat with someone, whether it be your spouse or your friend, when you order something off the menu, just order one thing and split it between the two of you. Oftentimes, when we go out to eat, the food that we're that we're buying outside of the home isn't the isn't the healthiest; it's highly processed, it's refined carbohydrates, a sweet treat, cook them a lot of oil.

You know, there are a lot of fast-food joints that are healthy these days, or slow food joints, I should say. And there's some healthy restaurants out there. But I think in general, the mindset that we have when we go out to eat is either to reward ourselves, or to give ourselves a break from cooking, or just to grab something really quick, because we're on the go. And typically, these types of restaurants aren't the healthiest for us.

So if you order something off the menu and you're with someone cut it in half, and recognize, have I been over eating all these years? Do I really need to eat this full portion of food? Recognize if you're satisfied with half the amount, your pocketbook will be happy, your body will be happy. And you'll start to recognize a little bit more about your own body and how much food you actually need to eat, which could be contributing to pathology that's totally preventable.

I hope this was helpful today. Feel free to check out any of the previous Movement is Medicine podcast episodes. You can find us on Instagram or online at to learn and find out about all things wellness and stay tuned for upcoming podcasts.


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