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IV NAD Drip Near Me Vancouver Washington

IV NAD Drip Near Me Vancouver Washington - Okojie Wellness - IV Infusion Therapy Vancouver Washington

Okojie Wellness: Vancouver's Premier IV Infusion Therapy

Maximize Your Wellness Without Overpaying!

Experience 500MG of NAD+ for only $250. Need more? Opt for 1000MG at just $500. Our NAD+ pricing is simply unmatched!

Increase your energy, improve your mood, and enhance your cognitive function with NAD IV drip therapy.

📍 Address: 4610 NE 77th Ave, Suite 137, Vancouver, WA 98662. 💡 Best value in town. Don't miss out! Call Dr. Okojie today at 360-287-4402

DATA: Clinical Evidence for Targeting NAD Therapeutically


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