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Immunity IV Drips Vancouver Washington

Immunity IV Drips Vancouver Washington - Okojie Wellness - IV Infusion Therapy Vancouver Washington

Feel better in 30-45 minutes with IV drip therapy. Experience 2-3x More Hydration. It's a faster, more efficient way to hydrate your body.

Fortify Yourself for Cold & Flu Season with Tri-Immune Add-On! Facing the inevitable cold and flu season? Combat it head-on with our tailored Tri-Immune add-on blend. It's not just about staying protected; it's about optimizing your wellness to be the best version of yourself.

Inside Every Tri-Immune Dose:

1️⃣ Glutathione: The cellular defender, keeping you radiant and detoxified.

2️⃣ Vitamin C: Your body's natural rejuvenator, aiding faster recovery and collagen boost.

3️⃣ Zinc: Strengthening immune communication, keeping inflammations in check.

Why Tri-Immune Add-On is Your Seasonal Best Friend:

🌬️ Be resilient against colds and flus.

🌱 Speed up recovery if you're feeling under the weather.

🚀 Maintain optimal energy levels even amidst seasonal bugs.

For optimal defense, we recommend a dose of Tri-Immune once a week during peak seasons or when you're feeling a dip in your vitality.

💡 Did you know? A consistent boost can make all the difference in maintaining a robust defense system.

📞 Step up your game against seasonal challenges. Book your infusion now at 360-287-4402.

Address: 4610 NE 77th Ave Suite 137, Vancouver, WA 98662


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