Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

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The term TRT refers to testosterone replacement therapy. Many men and women suffer from this insidious condition. With medically supervised TRT you can experience better energy levels, enhanced sexual performance, and improved body composition. Testosterone hormone is prevalent in almost every organ system in the body and its benefits are widespread and far-reaching. 

Most people experience low testosterone as they age. Your body naturally produces less of this essential hormone as you get older. In fact, most men's testosterone production decreases by about one to two percent every year once you reach your late 20s or early 30s. A drop in testosterone can result in a low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, trouble sleeping, and even loss of muscle mass and bone density in both men and women. At Okojie Wellness our testosterone experts can help you experience what it feels like to have optimized testosterone levers with TRT. We offer comprehensive blood tests and review by a physician to help determine if TRT is right for you.

What separates us from other testosterone and low T clinics? When most people get their testosterone checked by their doctors they get a total testosterone reading, while a total testosterone reading is valuable, it doesn't tell the whole story. Total testosterone can give you and your doctor the impression that your T levels are balanced and that you are not suffering from low T. But there is more to the story.  At Okojie Wellness we are able to calculate your Free testosterone level which gives us the most accurate reading of what your body can actually use.  Free testosterone is the most accurate measurement when diagnosing low T.  Several patients have come to our office saying that their doctor told them that their testosterone level was within the reference range and that their low T symptoms were in their head. Most physicians don't take into account free testosterone and as a consequence low T never gets treated.  We know that increasing both free testosterone and total testosterone is what causes patients to be the most healthy and feel their best.

That is our expertise at Okojie Wellness we look at TRT holistically, we understand that increasing your free and total testosterone has an effect on other hormones and can be influenced by age, genetic predisposition, diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors.


With regard to the testosterone reference range.  The testosterone reference range was created and based on men under the age of 40.  Well as we know men's testosterone levels can drop dramatically at the age of 40, so these reference ranges don't accurately measure what the average testosterone levels are for men 40 and over.  This skewed testosterone reference range is a strong contributor to why several men are walking around with low T and don't even know it.

What about Estrogen?

It is important to know that testosterone does not live in isolation, it must be balanced with other sex hormones namely estrogen. I'm sure many of us have heard stories of men taking testosterone and they develop "man boobs". This is likely caused by excess estrogen.  Testosterone gets converted into estrogen via a process called aromatization. So if men are taking too much testosterone and not balancing their estrogen they are more likely to develop high estrogen symptoms.  In addition, as men age, the number of testosterone receptors decreases which causes the testosterone to hang out in the blood instead of getting to target tissues. This further increases the chances for testosterone to get converted into estrogen. With that being said both testosterone and estrogen are vital for optimal health and well-being.  A lot of the common symptoms that are associated with elevated testosterone can actually be caused by high estrogen.  So in addition to testosterone, we provide you with the necessary medication in order to keep your estrogen levels in a healthy range. 

Finally, HCG is prescribed and has been proven to maintain testicular size and function while men are on testosterone replacement.  Additionally, HCG stimulates the testes to produce testosterone and estrogen and is a key component of any well-managed testosterone replacement therapy plan.  Testosterone production is normally stimulated by hormones in the brain, well while one is taking testosterone replacement that stimulation stops. In order for the testes to maintain function while on testosterone replacement HCG is a must!

The price for comprehensive testosterone replacement therapy is $300 per month. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to find out more.